Some of the most powerful features
tailor-made to your clinic’s needs

Some of the most powerful features, tailor-made to your clinic’s needs

Multiply is a comprehensive IVF cycle management software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed for clinics and hospitals. The platform offers a range of robust modules that enable users to efficiently manage various aspects of their assisted reproductive technology (ART) program. The system includes features such as assisted reproductive technique management, electronic record management, appointment booking, patient registration, and billing.

The assisted reproductive technique (ART) management module allows users to easily track and manage the various stages of the IVF cycle, from egg retrieval to embryo transfer. The electronic record management module allows users to securely store and access patient information, including medical history and lab results. The appointment booking and patient registration modules provide users with an easy way to schedule and register patients for appointments. The billing module allows users to manage payments and generate invoices. Overall, with its comprehensive set of features, Multiply is a powerful tool for managing the day-to-day operations of an IVF clinic or hospital.

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