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Our team of UX wizards & industry experts then accelerated development and built a product that addressed every stage of ART management – whether for doctors, clinic management, or patients. And today, multiply is a leading AI-based product built exclusively for ART management – IP registered, and more importantly, trusted by IVF facilities across the globe.

The story behind multiply

From investment, to groceries – artificial intelligence & automation have now set foot in almost every walk of life. Yet, its presence in healthcare is not as significant. And in the niche of ART management, even less so.

For a growing branch of healthcare, with an increasing requirement of ease & precision – the absence of an AI-based product that understands the gravity of the process greatly interested our founder, Aniket Tapre. Success Rates, Improved outcomes, Healthy babies are some vital areas where AI can play a significant role in coming times.

Our Vision

Multiply caters to the needs of every stakeholder in the fertility ecosystem. from CRM to RCM. Just amazing.

Our Mission

To set ourselves on a continuous improvement path, delivering state-of-the-art software solutions for the IVF domain.

Access data, accelerate operations

Deliver without delay or disturbance, as everything you need comes at your fingertips.

Build better patient experiences

Provide your patients with counsel, information & guidance whenever they require – empowering them to have a stress-free parenting journey.

Manage patients & processes, effortlessly

Grow your core as multiply looks after the peripheral time-consuming activities of your practice.

Numbers speak for themselves

ART(Assisted Reproductive Technology) is complex process spread over longer period of time. Operational efficiencies can lead
to better outcomes. Here’s our progress so far.
Cycles Managed
Daily Consulting Services
Patients Processed
IVF Clinics


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